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TWIN ATTACK: Kenya & Malawi Become Latest Battlegrounds For FIFA’s Sterile Agenda

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Africa is about to have its “guess who’s coming to dinner” moment this week with the arrival of FIFA President Gianni Infantino on his so-called Africa tour and separately CAS Secretary General Mathieu Reeb who will be attending a conference on Sports Disputes resolutions accompanied by FIFA acolytes.

Do you believe that these are both a coincidence? Well, here at www.fifacolonialism.com we don’t believe in such arcane and inane things as coincidences and here is the reason why…

This 2nd Annual lecture hosted by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators will be held this Thursday 28th November 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya at the Intercontinental Hotel under the theme “promoting sports arbitration in Africa!”

Eminent panel of speakers at the Sports Arbitration conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

The forum is expected to bring together Practicing Arbitrators, and sports personalities and Institutions promoting and championing sports to discuss and raise awareness of opportunities in Sport Arbitration.

The Lecture will supposedly provide a forum for understanding disputes in sports administration and management, misconduct and how to address such cases through Alternative Dispute Resolution, what ADR Mechanisms work in the area of sport to resolve disputes, cases reference of Africa cases in arbitration and explore opportunities for practitioners in sports and current issues and trends in Sports Arbitration.

However, as long as they won’t discuss the devolution of the CAS to each continent to ease access of the dispute resolution mechanisn, while keeping everything epi-centred in Lausanne, Switzerland then all these conferences are pure musical chairs.

Mathieu Reeb, SG of the CAS.

Mathieu Reeb continues to operate like a 3rd World, African dictator who must micro-manage each and every arbitration from his throne in Lausanne.

How can this be justice when the first impediment placed in your way is the prohibitive costs, distances and limited number of knowledgeable counsel to represent you at the CAS?

Nothing brings this sad reality home than the case of Liberian Musa Hassan Bility whose two cases now sit infront of the CAS for arbitration in the most diabolical convergence of engineered circumstances to face an African.

Musa Hassan Bility; A conscience is a liability in CAF and FIFA.

Bility, a man pricked by his conscience to oppose the FIFA-CAF hostile takeover in July this year  and was instantly banned for 10 years from all football activities by the FIFA Ethics committee for his trouble, a day after he filed for arbitration against the FIFA-CAF hostile takeover at the CAS.

So now, he fights both the FIFA ban and the FIFA-CAF hostile takeover on his own, all the way in Lausanne, Switzerland and compelled by circumstances to hire European Lawyers who cost an arm and a leg.

At the CAS, the fingerprints of FIFA are all over that case beginning with the very shocking decision of FIFA to enjoin itself in this case and now slowing down the commencement of the arbitrations, and meanwhile irrevocable decisions continue to be taken by FIFA in CAF including the procurement of the commercial and broadcast rights for World Cup qualifiers until 2023 and the unilateral dissolution of the 12-year Lagadere Sports & Entertainment contract.

In the meantime, acknowledged criminal and sexual deviant CAF President Ahmad Ahmad continues to remain perched at the Presidency when he should have stepped aside months ago to allow CAF to make its own decisions on how to face the future.

Ahmad: A total disgrace to all Africa.

Guess who the Platinum Sponsor of this arbitration conference is – You guessed it, FIFA!

The keynote speaker of the FIFA-funded junket is none other than CAS Secretary General Mathieu Reeb accompanied by Mario Gallavotti, Director of the Independent Committees at FIFA and who is also one of the permanent aides to Fatma Samoura in Cairo for the duration of consummation of the hostile takeover.

Mario Gallavotti: FIFA Director of independent committees.

In the panel for the afternoon session, you will find the diminutive Kenyan member to the FIFA Ethics committee – Investigatory Chamber, Janet Katisya whom we understand is a modest lady, with much to be modest about (to quote Churchill).

A virtual unknown in the Sports Arbitration circles prior to her dubious elevation to the Ethics committee through the good graces of Kenya FA President Nick Mwendwa, she continues to play her part of the supporting cast and silent accomplice for the incompetent Maria Claudia Roja (Superamiga) who continues to carry out shoddy investigations which lead to flawed adjudications.

Currently, they are sitting tight on the dossier of crimes committed by CAF President Ahmad Ahmad regarding the brazen looting of CAF coffers through the shadowy company TACTICAL STEEL, which got him arrested in Paris last June.

Little known Kenyan lawyer Janet Katisya.

More shocking however, are the complaints by female employees of CAF of sexual harassment and assault by Ahmad and which form a critical part of the dossier.

We postulate that had the complainants been white women, Ahmad’s balls would by now be roasting over an open fire, but since the complainants were African, a veneer of acceptability to their sexual assault allows the Investigatory Chamber to gloss over the issue and allow Ahmad to retain his sit while retaliating against the complainants.

It took all of 2 years for the Investigatory Chamber to open formal proceedings against former Egypt FA President and FIFA Council member Hany Abo Rida for his alleged bribery of African FA Presidents to vote him in during the 2017 FIFA Council elections in Bahrain.

A whole 2 years to make a first move on a critical investigation!

So we ask, what the hell is Reeb really coming to do in Africa if he will not address the possibility of an Africa-based CAS to handle all cases in the first instance, and staffed by Africans who understand the cultures and languages?

Didn’t we see how badly CAS goofed with the trial of Chinese swimming star- Sun Yang- with translation issues throughout the day and a pitched confrontation between Sun’s mother and opposing lawyers during cross-examination.

Chinese swinner Sun Yung whose hearing was screwed up by CAS.

This was the first ever attempt by CAS to have an open trial and we all saw how quickly it unraveled, leaving us with questions as to what exactly happens during the closed hearings.

Obviously, it’s so inappropriate for a FIFA sponsored event to host the SG for CAS in whatever capacity, especially when FIFA will eventually have to appear before the same CAS.

It creates the likelihood of collusion and improper contact as we have postulated many times in this platform, especially for someone as ethically challenged as FIFA President Infantino who routinely seeks to influence institutions and their outcomes.

Didn’t we see Infantino cause the recusal of Swiss AG Micheal Lauber from all FIFA related cases and investigations after it emerged that they had had at least 3 undocumented meetings, which they subsequently tried to deny.

Micheal Lauber: Infantino henchman in the Swiss legal system.

The Swiss courts quickly saw through the impropriety of the meetings.

What hope do the arbitrations of Musa Hassan Bility have in the face of this massive collusion between Mathieu Reeb and Infantino, where interference can be seen with the naked eye?

Elsewhere, Infantino will be making his official annual pilgrimage to Africa this week too, where he is scheduled to visit several countries – Mozambique, Lesotho, Angola, Congo DR, Congo and Malawi.

But his first stop will be in Madagascar where it all started in November 2015 and where he met the two people who would change his life forever.

Corrupt Gianni Infantino arrives in Antananarivo to begin African tour.

It was in the land of the Dodo that Infantino met with Ahmad and Fatma Samoura at the Mahamasina Stadium during a World Cup qualifier between Madagascar and Senegal.

It was here that Infantino entered into a pact with both Ahmad and Samoura where they would assist him to win the FIFA Presidency and in return, he would employ Samoura as FIFA SG while supporting Ahmad to the CAF Presidency.

It is this blood pact that binds this trio, that allows Infantino to attempt to hide Ahmad’s crazy proclivities and led to the current FIFA-CAF hostile takeover.

Infantino is also expected to make a detour through Malawi in a bid to support the hugely unpopular, 4-term (16 year) imploding FA Presidency of Ahmad ally Walter Nyamilandu.

Walter Nyamilandu: 16 years of pure pain in Malawian football.

Nyamilandu was shepherded into the FIFA Council during the 2018 replacement elections in Sharm Al Sheikh, to replace fellow Anglophone Kwesi Nyantakyi of Ghana who had to vacate the seat after being caught up in a massive corruption expose by undercover journalist Anas Aremeyew Anas.

In Malawi, delegates appear fatigued by the Presidency of Nyamilandu which is the reason he has asked Infantino to help him bolster his chances by making a short visit for its intimidation or bribery value.

And right there ladies and gentlemen, we can see what the FIFA Presidency has been reduced to in Africa. Would Infantino deign to do the same to UEFA or CONMEBOL associations with such an insulting agenda?

The meeting of November 2015 in the land of the Dodo seems to have tied Infantino in binds that he never thought possible. By agreeing to take money from African FAs like Morocco, he now has to pander to their whims and cover their tracks when they fuck things up, as they are wont to do, because of course – they are Africans!

It is in Africa that the World has seen for itself the most capricious application of the FIFA Code of Ethics.

We saw the manipulation of both the Bureau of the FIFA Council and the FIFA Council itself to allow an unprecedented and unconstitutional takeover of CAF by FIFA.

It cannot and will not be business as usual in African football, the fight will be long and vicious but the game must be restored to its rightful owners.

Ahmad and a picture of the extinct Dodo!

We pray that Ahmad goes the way of his native Dodo, soon!

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