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Finally, the audit commissioned by FIFA SG and General Delegate to CAF, FATMA Samoura during her 6-month tenure is out. The details are as damning as they are shocking (though not entirely unexpected).

The leaked document, circulating in a very tight group of people, shows unprecedented levels of looting of the CAF reserves by a soulless CAF Exco inner circle, cash that was left behind by foresight and planning of former CAF President Issa Hayatou.

PWC: Hired by FIFA to conduct forensic audit

According to sources who have seen the document, the CAF inner circle gorged themselves off this cash shamelessly without a thought of how to go about covering their tracks.

FIFA forensic audit has discovered a $24 million hole in the books of accounts, which can neither be justified nor supported.

Instead, the inner circle of the CAF Exco went about destroying all supporting documents that could tie them directly to the funds loss, blissfully unaware that records can easily be reconstructed by thorough forensic auditors.

This is the price that African football must pay for the election of intellectual dwarves to such high office.

How did the CAF General Assembly and the rest of the Exco allow this looting to take place on their watch, you may be wondering? Well, CAF President Ahmad kept them all busy by doling out an annual stipend of $20,000 for each FA President, sent to their private bank accounts.

CAF General Assembly: Bribed to look away as the looting progressed

Whereas it may be prudent to point out that several FA Presidents objected to receiving this money for its implications and real reason for its disbursal, a majority lapped it up greedily with nary a second thought to its appropriateness or legality.

Caption: Letter from Tunisia FA to CAF demanding it remit the $20,000 annual bribe to their FA Presidents personal account.

Caption: Letter from Tunisia FA to CAF demanding it remit the $20,000 annual bribe to their FA Presidents personal account.

CAF Exco members had their own emoluments doubled with a particularly tasty exit lump-sum for even those who served just one term of office.

In this purchased silence, the inner circle of the CAF could proceed with the unabashed looting of the reserves that they found in CAF bank accounts.

CAF President Ahmad also demonstrated his enormous clout in FIFA by orchestrating the 10-year ban of Liberian CAF Exco member, Musa Hassan Bility through a mixture of advanced mind-control and Malagasy witchcraft, which hooked FIFA President Infantino into following Ahmad’s every whim blindly.

Bility: Ahmad’s show of force at FIFA with his suspension

With that show of might, majority of CAF Exco members were happy to sit and receive their cash allowances and other emoluments, scared shitless of evening considering to rock the boat.

The audit implies that majority of these monies came out in the form of cash, where CAF operated millions of dollars in cash, creating a serious security and audit vulnerability.

However, most of this cash was withdrawn around key events, like the CAF awards, the various draws for CAF competitions, the various Champions League and Confederations Cup events, AFCONs and CHAN and the personal events of individual members of the CAF Exco.

For example, the audit highlights the cash expended on occasion with regards to CAF 1st Vice-President Constant Omari, which specifically were in relation to the the wedding of one of his daughters on or around 18th May 2019.

Omari: Daughter’s wedding fully funded by CAF

According to the report, CAF went out of its way to incur an inordinately high amount of expenditure with regards to these events, paying crazy allowances to the CAF Exco members who attended the events, full-board accommodation and business class flights.

CAF also granted Omari a huge sum of money in the form of a lumpsum indemnity during each of this event despite their not being provided for in the regulations.

Ahmad at Kinshasa hotel for Omari’s daughter’s wedding 2019

The wedding in DRC Kinshasa of Constant Omari’s daughter was attended by CAF President Ahmad who led a strong delegation of 7 CAF Exco members on an all-expense paid trip. Others who attended included Cameroonian football legend Samuel Eto’o.

Flowergirl of corruption: Samuel Eto’o together with CAF bigwigs Ahmad Ahmad and Constant Omari flew to Kinshasa on a private jet to attend a wedding, all expenses footed by CAF. The corrupt despots love hawking Etoo’s image to sanitise their theft.

More funds were consumed at the behest of Egyptian strongman Hany Aborida who arranged a lavish reception in May 2017 preceding the FIFA Congress in Bahrain, ostensibly to bribe FA Presidents to vote for him into the FIFA Council. CAF funds were (mis)used to pay for the reception, cruise-ship dinner and a private jet trip from Cairo to Manama, ferrying the money hungry and blood-thirsty FA Presidents, herding them like sheep at the slaughterhouse and forcing them to vote for him against his sole competitor Cameroonian Zelkifli Ngoufonja.

Invitation by Egyptian Hany Abourida, sent out to all FA Presidents. This entire event plus private jet ride to Bahrain was funded using CAF Development monies.

The lavish reception hosted by Egyptian Hany Abourida at the Cairo Marriot, complete with an orchestra and paid for by CAF Development Funds.

FA Presidents led by Congo’s Constant Omari were in Cairo enjoying proceeds of crime from money pilfered from CAF coffers, induced to vote for Hany Abourida into the FIFA Council.

CAF President Ahmad Ahmad and Cameroonian Legend Samuel Eto’o at the Choisel Forum, traveling in luxury on CAF’s tab.

More private jet flights were recklessly commissioned by CAF on Ahmad’s behalf including a flight to Liberia for the inauguration of George Weah, a flight to Cameroon for a meeting with Paul Biya, a flight to Juba for a purposeless trip which had no agenda, not to mention a recent flight from Cairo to Laayoune in Western Sahara, where Morocco forcefully imposed the hosting of the AFCON Futsal Tournament.

CAF officials arrive in Laayoune aboard a private jet, funded by CAF development funds.

Other instances that CAF money was spent outrageously for private jets includes Ahmad Ahmad’s trip to France to attend the Choisel Forum accompanies by Samuel Eto’o and Fatma Samoura, plus his flight from Paris to Madagascar immediately after being arrested by French authorities in Paris on allegations of corruption and sexual harassment.

Private Jets: For an institution grappling with poverty stricken nations, they sure to travel in luxury.

Who can forget the costly Umrah trip by the Muslim Brotherhood, a coalition of FA Presidents who profess the Islamic faith to Mecca at CAF’s expense? Not to be left out of this extravagant trip were both Fatma Samoura and Samuel Eto’o, both whose names feature prominently in the expenses column of CAF’s finances.

Costly first class travel trips by the CAF top brass for annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, using CAF Development funds.

In Morocco, CAF 2nd Vice-President Fouzi Lekjaa who also doubles as the Finance committee chairman attended the funeral of player Mohammed Ahitarin on the 10th October 2019. He would then come with the costs of his personal participation in this funeral including the cash he doled out to the player and family, and pawn them off to CAF as his expenses.

CAF office, which is run by Moroccan dentist Mouad Hajji happily granted him a cash refund for this sum that he claimed, even though he supplied no formal documentation for it.

Fouzi at CAF funded funeral of Moroccan players father

Some of the more egregious expenditures include the purchase of an apartment and a luxury Bentley for Ahmad in Morocco, both which were supplied by or through Moroccan Said Naciri.

Fouzi Lekjaa had earlier in the year, told a journalist that CAF’s reserves were healthy and to the tune of $103 million. What he conveniently forgot to include is that $45 million of that money is from the FIFA Forward fund, which has been deposited in a separate escrow account and can only be used after a project has been identified and agreed upon by a committee.

And while both the CAF Symposium and the CAF Women’s Symposium were touted as Moroccan Government funded events, the money to finance them has been balanced from CAF coffers meaning that both Fouzi Lekjaa and Ahmad Ahmad have defrauded the Moroccan Government under the guise of hosting these meaningless events.

Meaning that from cash reserves of a whopping $135 million left by former CAF President Dr. Issa Hayatou, the institution only has $58 million in the account.

The audit highlights the enormity of the Tactical Steel deal which involved the laundering of CAF funds through these French companies (Tactical steel and ES Pro). This is the exact corroboration that the French anti-corruption and fiscal crimes police unit needed when they wrote formally to FIFA last year so as to conclude their file.

It is the ease with which CAF officials preferred to use cash that compelled the FIFA SG Fatma Samoura to attempt to kill off these cash disbursements and which eventually drew the ire of CAF Exco members, who last weekend voted to terminate her stay in Africa.

Ahmad receives Bentley from Said Naciri in Morocco car dealership

We understand that FA Presidents and CAF Exco members who were accustomed to signing off on cash in dollars, applied political pressure on Ahmad when they seemed unable to access their allowances in cash but were instead requested to give their bank details for the funds transfers.

The question now is, what will FIFA do?

Will FIFA release the audited financial statements publicly to augment the claims by FIFA President Infantino that CAF is a cesspool of corruption with zero football development despite an increased cash injection of $50 million?

Does Infantino care enough about his legacy to take the bull by its horns and deal decisively with majority of the FA Presidents who have been complicit in the loot-fest at CAF and in their own FAs?

Infantino: Was he played for a fool by Ahmad for 3 years?

Does FIFA have the balls to execute a suspension from all football activity, for majority of these CAF Exco members and FA Presidents, even to the point of installing Normalization committees to manage the affairs of these FAs until elections are held to elect new leaders?

Why is Africa treated like a retarded, errant child by FIFA, allowed to soil itself and run around with the stench all day while what it really needs is a diaper change and the sacking of the nanny? All the while, the white people in FIFA (wink, wink) tell each other, “that’s just how Africans are..!”

No you morons, not all Africans are irredeemably corrupt!

Seychellois Elvis Chetty: rejected the $20,000 bribe

Has FIFA concluded the self-appointed mandate in African football that brought Samoura here as General Delegate? If so, what is the report of her mission and what steps must be taken to save African football from itself?

The PWC forensic audit report affords FIFA and Infantino in particular, an opportunity to right the wrongs of the past and set African football on a path to prosperity.

In any event, if Infantino does not deal ruthlessly with the sitting FA Presidents of CAF in the first instance, they will ensure that they cook his goose before too long.

Like the saying goes, “do unto others, before they do you!”

This article is also available in the following languages:

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noteuropean February 9, 2020 - 11:03 am

ok we are speaking about 20k€ not that huge to write a report ! why fifa doesn’t make reports about Blatter in 2010 world cup? it’s about some millions $

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I agree about alot of things but the western Sahara that you mentioned and how forcefully organized, now I feel this website is running but South Africans or Algerians that making that an issue.

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[…] Also, Fatma appointment translated into a medium that would bridge the divide between CAF and FIFA, enabling close relationship in order to best assist all Africa FAs in reaching stability, serenity, professionalism and effective football development on the African continent where the passion for football is so prevalent. In no way was she allowed to perform audit commissioning of CAF books as pompously reported in an article posted online on 7 February 2020 and accessible using this link http://fifacolonialism.com/cafpwcauditreport-how-ahmads-inner-circle-binged-on-24-million-caf-cash/ […]


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