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When Donald Trump termed Africa as a continent riddled with shit-hole countries, many dismissed his assertions by the roadside, probably too familiar with such imagery of Africa from the barrage of mildly condescending content in movies to other media platforms. From the days when a consortium of American entertainers sought to profit from the great drought of 1985 by combining forces to release a track “We Are The World”, with all their careers receiving a massive boost thereon, foreigners have continued appropriating and gentrifying the continent as their needs suit.

And so when the term “corruption” is mentioned anywhere, the first continent that comes to mind is Africa, where successive governments have sacrificed their populations for apartments in London and Swiss bank accounts. What the Western Media conveniently obscure is the fact that all corruption in Africa is aided and abetted by Europeans, where a silent agreement is reached to allow European firms to plunder the natural and Human Resources of the continent, while turning a blind eye on the indiscretions of the political class who sign off on the theft by their European cohorts.

It has been the case with the Confederation of African Football (CAF). Gianni Infantino made a gentleman’s agreement with President Ahmad Ahmad to overlook his financial indiscretions and sexual proclivities, in exchange for amnesty which in-turn works in the favour of FIFA when the time for crucial votes comes.

When we talk of utter human garbage, none in the world comes close to the Swiss, who rationalised the spillage of blood during the Nazi era, later were cited as Adolf Hilter’s silent partners with blood on their hands. As Hitler slaughtered Jews and forcefully took their gold and even art, Switzerland was at the ready, banking,  hiding or exchanging their illegal acquisitions under the guise of “neutrality”.

To date, all stolen wealth around the world finds its way to Swiss banks, with citizens of conscience and morals in the country tracking it through various channels like the Twitter bot “Dictator Watch” which records all flight landings of heads of authoritarian regimes around the world, at the Geneva airport. The list of private jets landing and taking off at the airport reads like the winners of the Corruption Oscars, hailing from Africa, Middle East and Asia.

It is this lineage that Gianni Infantino comes from, and a legacy he has managed to maintain through the entrenchment of corruption and impunity at the World Governing Body.

Nothing bring this Swiss contradiction to the fore than the latest expose contained in the joint investigation conducted by French newspaper Le Monde and Swiss paper NZZ where the revelations reveal an intricate but well calculated manoeuvres by white-collar conmen masquerading as heads of global institutions. The men are Swiss Prosecutor Michael Lauber, Valais Prosecutor Rinaldo Arnold and FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

Un-holy union. FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Valais Prosecutor Rinaldo Arnold.

Gianni Infantino activated his childhood friend and Valais Prosecutor Rinaldo Arnold to snoop into cases relating to the then FIFA President Sepp Blatter and then UEFA President Michel Platini, both who stood in the way of his grand march to absolute power and grand riches. You see, Gianni Infantino hates competition despite heading the body which oversees the largest competitions in the planet. He prefers to use mercenary and militant tactics to gain an unfair advantage, going to the extent of instigating criminal proceedings where none exist.

On July 8th 2015, Swiss Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber received Gianni Infantino’s childhood friend Rinaldo Arnold in his office. That was long before the three documented meetings which only came to light following the Football Leaks coverage, and the meeting was only confirmed by Lauber’s communications manager Andre Marty during internal investigations. Lauber has been suffering selective amnesia whenever questions on his relationship with Infantino arise.

The lie that Lauber and Marty concocted was that Rinaldo Arnold was paying the courtesy call to discuss general criminal issues, but internal investigators at the Swiss Law Office dismissed these statements and unbelievable, implausible and incomprehensible, whilst citing the coincidence of being only two weeks after FIFA officials were dramatically arrested at the Hotel Bau au Lac in Zurich.

The report by the supervisory authority still has to go into judicial review to know what measures will be taken against the two criminals masquerading as prosecutors.

It cannot be ruled out that there was communication between Rinaldo Arnold and Michael Lauber prior to the arrests in Zurich, and even moreso that Marco Villiger then FIFA Legal Director, had already availed incriminating documents to Gianni Infantino, who then shared them for the purposes of building a case against Blatter and Platini, effectively barring them from meddling or blocking his ascension to the throne.

Snitches Get Stiches: Despite leaking sensitive documents, Marco Villiger was still sacked.

Villiger was sacked by Infantino in August of 2018 barely two years after the latter’s election into office, in what was a catastrophic end to his colourless career, where snitching on his former bosses so as to give corrupt Gianni Infantino an edge, didn’t end the fairytale in the way he had intended it to.

The internal probe on the conduct of Michael Lauber was conducted by Federal Judge Alexia Heine.

Michal Platini and Sepp Blatter feel vindicated by these findings as both have independently raised alarm over the selective application of justice by the Swiss Prosecutor. On his part, Blatter is adamant that despite criminal proceedings being opened against him four and a half years ago, everything remains pending so far. However criminal proceedings opened in UEFA in August 2016 were terminated the following year, which involved a complicated web of television contracts in various South American countries and at least one of the contracts was signed by Gianni Infantino.

It is clear that as the Europeans walk the moral high-ground, lecturing the rest of humanity over integrity and accountability concerns, the Swiss are probably worse and should be prevailed upon to put their greed in-check. What baffles observers is even with the evidence collected against Michael Lauber and Rinaldo Arnold, both were cleared by preliminary investigators, with Lauber being re-elected by Parliament for another term as Federal Prosecutor.

He clearly is a darling of the Swiss political class and one can only cringe at the reason why. He must be protecting the high and mighty in Switzerland from prosecution.

What still isn’t clear is the pay-off granted to Lauber for him to execute the dramatic raid at the Home of FIFA and in spectacular manner, carting away terabytes worth of data which today have never been acted upon. While Rinaldo was induced with invitations to top football events like the WorldCup, Lauber’s pay-offs are yet to be released from the highly redacted document, but the possibility of a financial inducement to pay-off these prosecutors cannot be ruled out.

What is clear without a shadow of doubt is that Michael Lauber didn’t do all these for free, and neither was he acting out of the kindness of his heart.

Swiss Prosecutor Michael Lauber: Influenced FIFA cases and was paid off by Gianni Infantino.

Is it the reason why Gianni Infantino has been enabling corruption at CAF where he seems to be a silent beneficiary in all crooked deals conducted by Ahmad Ahmad and his inner-circle? Was the $24 million looted from CAF coffers siphoned to Gianni Infantino to also enable him pay bribes to Rinaldo Arnold and Michael Lauber because the paper trail from Africa would be impossible to trace, as opposed to European bank transactions?

Whatever the case, there has to be a reason why Gianni Infantino has allowed Ahmad and his inner-circle to remain in office, and all pointers indicate that the money stolen from CAF found its way to him. And the only explanation from us here is that this was money used to pay-off Michael Lauber.

It is time that the FIFA Bureau or Council held an emergency meeting and passed a resolution to remove Gianni Infantino, who is turning out to be the most corrupt President in FIFA’s history.

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